What our clients say about My 15 Minutes

I knew I would like this program from the moment I read the description! The biggest thing I have taken away is that now if a task seems insurmountable, I think "I'll just spend 15 minutes on it." It's a mindset that can help everyone. Anne George, word and web by george
The My 15 Minutes program has re-awoken my passion for life. I didn't even realise that I had lost it amid the daily grind, but now I have so much more enthusiasm and energy. Beth Cavallari, Double Negative Photography
The 15 Minute mentality has spilled into other areas of my life and I can see the principles staying with me for good. My self-belief has grown and my habits have improved. I feel really proud of myself! HF, My 15 Minutes member
This program is amazing at reminding you how much is possible and it only takes 15 minutes at a time. It re-energised and re-ignited me as an individual set me on a new path of self discovery and self worth which benefits every aspect of my life. JL, My 15 Minutes member
Thanks so much!!! Some simple things that we forget, and the reminder that we need. And fantastic ideas we'd never think of. Loved the program! LK, My 15 Minutes member
Brilliantly constructed program. A lot of thought and considered ideas presented in daily emails. Very impressed with constant Facebook interaction. Priority seemed to be value for client. Daily tasks were concise and very doable in 15 minute context. SB, My 15 Minutes member
I have not always followed through on the exercises but I have loved the unrelenting positive daily reminder to recognise all that I have and get all that I can from this mortal existence. Thank you. I would like a life long "15 Minutes". AMR, My 15 Minutes member
As well as feeling much more in control of my life, the daily tasks have given me a sense of 'I can do anything' so whatever task comes my way, I just break it down into smaller tasks and get on with it. Nothing seems as hard anymore. I can do anything. JC, My 15 Minutes member
I was getting lost in all the kerfuffle...Which is why I joined this [program] - to be 'required' to have me time. So I can learn to fill my cup and then I can give to my family and to others without being drained so often." TR, My 15 Minutes member
One of the best things is the hugely supportive community of people doing it. Everyone helps each other and everyone is really friendly." A, My 15 Minutes member
Much gratitude to Emma & Audrey for sharing your knowledge, passions and creating such a supportive community of women." PA, My 15 Minutes member
When I discovered the My 15 Minutes website I was beside myself, it's the help and support we've all been looking for. Created by two Aussie entrepreneurs, who also happen to be mums, this program will have you kicking goals within three months. Audrey and Emma really understand that feeling of overwhelm and being swamped by the little things, and sometimes the big things, and that ever present feeling that you'll never catch up no matter how hard you try. It doesn't matter what went wrong, or why, but My 15 Minutes will take you on a journey to spend 15 minutes each day, making small changes to help get back on top of your game." LG, My 15 Minutes member
Congratulations on creating such a terrific program as My 15 Minutes - I love getting my daily emails and being supported to gently examine my life to make changes for the better." B, My 15 Minutes member
I'm really enjoying this program and can't thank you enough for getting my ass into gear!" CB, My 15 Minutes member
I am LOVING the course! You should be thrilled with what you have developed. A great idea and one that makes a significant difference." Kristy Goodwin, My 15 Minutes member
You know what I love about this program..real, down to earth, realistic coaches! It makes all the difference! Often these things become very "off the shelf"...this is so not that!!! Thanks again!!" AV, My 15 Minutes member
Just wanted to thank Emma and Audrey for an exceptionally run program. Particularly your obvious commitment and dedication shown in your responses - both in speed and thoughtfulness. Your video today addressed a specific issue you had observed as opposed to a generic topic. Well done and thanks again. X" SP, My 15 Minutes member
This program gave me the kick-start I needed to make simple, small, regular changes that have had a big impact on my life. HB, My 15 Minutes member
Loved that I felt so connected to people I've never even met. This program helped me refocus while the group made me realise I'm human and that's okay. JL, My 15 Minutes member
The content was excellent, a good mix of topics and degree of difficulty. The Facebook group blew me away with their caring attitudes and great ideas. Some tasks were challenging, but they should be. It was good to intersperse easy and harder tasks during the week. HF, My 15 Minutes member