If someone lands on your doorstep right now and wants to inspect behind the scenes in your business, are you more likely to:

a)  Flick the kettle on and draw up an extra chair, primed to show off


My 15 Minutes Small Business Is Launching Soon!

With 15 minutes a day working on your business instead of in it, get the 'back-end' organised, increase your productivity, boost your earning potential and focus again, guilt-free, on the parts of your work that you love the most - secure in the knowledge that everything just works.

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I am finding with this program that I can fit more into 15 minute blocks than I fit into an hour! Yesterday I gave myself a 15 minute blitz to see how much work I could get done... most efficient 15 minutes of the day!

I know you can't work like this all day long but a few 15 minute bursts throughout the day may just be the winning formula for me.

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