Swamped In Your Business?

You’re great at the creative stuff.

You’re fab at designing and delivering products and services.

You’re an ‘ideas’ person and you love it...

But if someone lands on your doorstep right now and wants to inspect behind the scenes in your business, are you more likely to:

a)  Flick the kettle on and draw up an extra chair, primed to show off


With 15 minutes a day working ON your business instead of in it, get the 'back-end' organised, increase your productivity, boost your earning potential and focus again, guilt-free, on the parts of your work that you love the most - secure in the knowledge that everything just works.

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BUSINESS WRANGLING:  Where are you leaking time, money and energy in your business?


Is your business keeping you awake at 3am?

It’s not something you share at networking events but the idea of someone peeling back the layers and unveiling the semi-chaos that lurks behind the doors of your business makes you shudder.

You try not to think about it, but you’re slowly being strangled by your own lack of processes - terrified of what might be slipping through...

Once the cracks begin to show (you forget to return an important call or email, your domain name registration runs out, you lose a heap of data that you kept meaning to back up), it’s not the cool, creative fun stuff that you’ll be focusing on anymore.

You’ll be scrambling in ‘rescue mode’ - patching the holes, tossing together Bandaid solutions with that secret sense that, any minute now, you’ll be exposed...


Whole days are disappearing down an abyss of overwhelm and when people catch you staring out of the window and think you’re being ‘entrepreneurial and creative’ - increasingly you’re not. You’re worrying.

You’d be getting stuck in, fixing, if only the idea of that wasn’t so overwhelming.

You get that you’re meant to be working ON the business instead of drowning in it - you just wish someone would throw you a lifeline.

This is NOT how you imagined it would be! 

You knew it wouldn’t be easy, but you fully intended to bounce out of bed most mornings, exercise, eat a proper breakfast and slash purposefully through an organised ‘to do’ list with machete-sharp motivation - all the information you need right where you left it - effortlessly at your fingertips. Boxes ticked, goals kicked, targets met, money made like a true professional.

You know people in business who do that. Increasingly, you suspect that they have ‘business brains’ - while you have ideas, and lots of them - if only you could remember where you didn’t file them properly during that first flush of inspiration that always seems to trump being sensibly organised.

“I’ll fix it later!” you promise.

“I need to get some systems!” you cry.

Alas, it's not just systems that you need! It's clients. And programs and services that are so water-tight and professional that they practically deliver themselves. Throw in a blitzing social media campaign, marketing, publicity and the thing you really want - sales - and you'll feel like you've really 'arrived'.

There’s only so long that you can keep up this charade, and you know it. Behind the public face there are times when it’s mind-bogglingly hard. Times when you feel like a fraud. Times when you flop on the couch in your PJs at noon, watching Downton Abbey re-runs and scrolling mindlessly through Facebook in the hope that the administration fairies will magic away the mess in your office...

Enter My 15 Minutes - Small Business.

Based on the immensely popular My 15 Minutes life transformation program, this 90-day business course guides you through each aspect of your business, in a series of achievable daily 15-minute actions designed to help you claw back control and fall in love with your work again, in just a sliver of your time each day.

No more wondering where to start. No more overwhelm.

Just open up the daily task, ‘follow the leader’ and implement your instructions as you overhaul and professionalise each of the crucial areas of business success - in just 1/100th of your day!

You’ll pamper 7 key areas in your business over the 90-day program:

  • Build a magnetic business style to attract and delight your ideal clients

  • Tailor a suite of signature products and/or services, play to your strengths and let go of what’s not working

  • Analyse and enhance your sales and profits, focus on profit generating activities and cut out the slack

  • Sizzle on social media, grow and service your mailing list and market your offerings

  • Create watertight systems and processes that save time and increase professionalism

And, on the weekends:

  • Focus on personal growth, well-being, relationships…

  • Relaxation and fun.

It’s about refreshing how you operate, making more money, bringing back the spark and liberating yourself from the excuses and stumbling-blocks that you’ve scattered at your feet for a while now.

How does the My 15 Minutes Small Business Program work?

  • It’s a ‘paint-by-numbers’, ‘do this, now do that’ sequence of practical activities that will draw you closer to how you want to run your business by the end of the next quarter. Fifteen minutes at a time. With an online cheer squad.

    We know you’re busy. We’re busy too.

    We know it’s hard. We find it hard as well.

    We ALL have 15 minutes a day.

    We do. No martyrs. No excuses.

What we want for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS is this:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • More clients and stronger client relationships
  • Space to increase profits
  • Increased brand awareness
  • A signature suite of products and/or services
  • Greater control over systems and processes
  • A growing sense of accomplishment and confidence
  • Lightness (getting rid of the things weighing you down)

How we'll deliver it:

  • 15 minutes at a time!
  • In a simple, straight-forward, easy-to-follow system landing in your inbox daily, that allows you to get your act together as a business owner, in every domain that matters, one easy step at a time.
  • It's a daily shot of inspiration and an action plan that, when added upon daily for three months, enhances your business the way that compound interest enhances your bank balance.

What's going to happen?

At some point, probably about half-way through, you'll reach a tipping point...where everything starts to become easier, more organised, more proactive, smooth-running and enjoyable.

You'll notice less daily slog and more targeted action, while you turn your business around.

Why are we doing this?

We've worked with over 350 clients in the My 15 Minutes program and we've noticed several common challenges:

  • For the big picture to work, people need to get the smaller details right.
  • There's a real sense that 'I can't do it all at once' and a deer-in-headlights feeling of 'Where do I start?'
  • People want to make changes but don't know how they'll fit it in: 'Argh! How do I streamline this process and cover everything that's important to grow my business, in addition to everything I'm already doing?'
  • Small business owners are tired of having to make all of the decisions - sometimes it's nice to be told what to do.
  • There's a strong desire for community support and mutual encouragement during programs like this.
While you and I have been busy running down dead ends and wasting our effort, scientists have been busy trying to figure out what actually works. And now they know:

-  Small steps work.
-  Consistent effort works.
-  Group support works.

That’s it. Three things. Set a goal, and in small, consistent steps, work to reach it. Get support from your peers when you start flagging. Repeat.

You will change.” Seth Godin, Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer & Public Speaker

Who are we? Why trust us?

We've each been running successful small businesses since 2009, and together we created the popular and life-changing My 15 Minutes program in 2013. We saw a need for a similar program addressing the challenges of operating a small business and we were delighted to begin offering this step-by-step improvement plan in the beginning of 2014.

Have a look at some comments and success stories from our clients on our Testimonials page.

Find out all about the co-founders of My 15 Minutes, Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas on our About Us page.

You know what I love about this program..real, down to earth, realistic coaches! It makes all the difference! Often these things become very "off the shelf"...this is so not that!!! Thanks again!!" AV, My 15 Minutes member
I am LOVING the course! You should be thrilled with what you have developed. A great idea and one that makes a significant difference. . Kristy Goodwin, My 15 Minutes member

Your Membership Includes...

  • Bonus Materials

    Bonus webinars, podcasts, templates and other cool stuff [some of which we’ve already produced, some of which we’ll tailor as we go along and toss in as bonuses…]

  • Access To Your Private Coaching Portal

    Private access to your own online coaching portal, where you can access your program at anytime to suit your business and lifestyle

  • Member Only Offers

    Exclusive members only offers for coaching with Emma or Audrey

  • Extra Activities

    Recommended reading lists and other suggested resources

Now, for the exciting bit!


Register in the My 15 Minutes Small Business program and you’ll receive a 7-module BONUS PROGRAM, valued at $97.

The Business Wrap will help you exit the last twelve months in business gracefully...

Set yourself up for success in the My 15 Minutes Small Business program and hit the ground running in the year ahead:

  • Review the outgoing year
  • Finalise what’s outstanding
  • Let go of what’s holding you back

The Business Wrap helps you make peace with the past business year, reviewing what’s worked, assessing your strengths and challenges and making some big-picture goals for the coming 12 months.

It can be used as a mid-financial year reflection on how you’re tracking so far, and what you can tweak to meet financial goals by June. You can also use it each December as you wrap up the calendar year that has been.

It’s about freeing time and space and reaching clarity on where your business is right now, and where you’d love to steer it next...

It’s not essential that you do this program prior to My 15 Minutes Small Business, but it’s highly desirable. You can purchase this program for $97 at any time, though if you register in My 15 Minutes Small Business, it’s included FREE!

I am finding with this program that I can fit more into 15 minute blocks than I fit into an hour! Yesterday I gave myself a 15 minute blitz to see how much work I could get done... most efficient 15 minutes of the day!

I know you can't work like this all day long but a few 15 minute bursts throughout the day may just be the winning formula for me.
Rebecca Stamp Rebecca Stamp
My 15 Minutes Program Member

If you know deep down that there’s only so long that a business can look good from the outside, only so long that you can pretend and only so much stress that you can handle - create the ideal environment for your business to flourish in 2015 with the My 15 Minutes Small Business + BONUS Business Wrap.

Ready to improve your business, 15 minutes at a time?

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Our 7 Day Happiness Guarantee

Like all things in life worth having, there is no guarantee this program will work for you. However, if you follow the program and really commit to making some changes, we are confident you’ll love My 15 Minutes Small Business.

We are proud to offer our 100% Happiness Guarantee – if after applying the tips and action steps during the first 7 days of the program, you’re not completely satisfied, any payment you have made will be entirely refunded.