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by Audrey Thomas

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I love a sunburnt country …

Growing up under the Australian Sun

Since I was in junior primary school my family has lived in the driest state in the driest continent on earth. Cool fact.

But hot, dangerous summers.

Day 24 - Things that make you go, hmm ...

24 July 2017

I got an unexpected call today from a lovely woman who works at one of our local councils, wanting to have a quick chat with me about a public talk I’m presenting at their city library in a couple of weeks. The talk is about the book I co-authored with my brilliant biz partner, Emma ( She was calling to check whether I’m happy to speak with a local newspaper between now and then to do an article on the event and to showcase the book. I suggested that if they wanted to take a photo for the piece, then one of the photos I already have for press releases may be the best option.

It was instantly confronting to consider having a photo of me published right now, with my face as it is and with no makeup. Vanity kicked in. Hmm, interesting.

Earlier this year when the book was launched globally, Emma and I did our first TV appearance, many radio interviews and we were featured in magazines and online publications  etc all over the world.

Nerve-wracking and exciting? Definitely.

But would I have put myself ‘out there’ and taken those opportunities if my face was looking as it does tonight? After lots of thought, the answer is ‘probably’. With the caveat being that I could have the opportunity to explain the treatment and why I’m doing this, and ask others to do the same for themselves. Phew, glad I got that sorted.

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Day 25 - One of those days

25 July 2017

Feeling a bit tired, irritable and sore today. ‘Nuff said.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a sprinkling of good humour and a brighter disposition. Promise.

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Day 26 - No filter ...

26 July 2017

There’s nothing like the honesty of kids. Will , 10, said to me this morning, while eyeing my face critically, ‘Yep, it's really kicked in now, mum. You've definitely lit up like a beacon!’ Thanks for that confirmation.

A couple of the spots on my forehead and cheek seem to be improving, which is promising. I made the decision today though to postpone some face-to-face coaching I had booked in for next week - I think it may take a bit longer before I take my face out professionally, so to speak.

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Day 27 - Just made it ...

27 July 2017

With only one day to go, I'm pleased I've been able to make the 20g tube of Efudix last for all of the 56 applications. I've been sticking with the instruction to apply only a very thin layer across my face (a pea-sized blob), and I've eked out the tube’s contents almost perfectly. I'm pretty sure I couldn’t get more than a day or so out of the tube beyond tomorrow.

Some days it felt like I had to really stretch the dose as my skin feels so dehydrated it has been absorbing the Efudix immediately on contact. Rubbing my face to disperse the cream evenly has been one of the least pleasant aspects of the treatment (that's the polite way of phrasing it).

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Day 28 - Last day of applying the Efudix

28 July 2017

Yay! Today is the last day of applying the Efudix! But something else occurred today too ...

I knew this day would come and I must say I have not been looking forward to it … I am now weeping but not in a gentle tears kinda way! I’m in what is called the erosion phase of the treatment. Yes, erosion! And it’s just as ‘nice’ as it sounds. Some of the sores have started weeping and then crusting over. Then unfortunately, when washing my face, the crusty/flakey bits wash away and it opens the spot/patch of inflamed skin again causing it to weep or bleed. I know this isn’t an appealing thing to talk about but I promised on Day 1 that I’d be ‘keeping it real!’ for the benefit of others who are also currently undergoing the treatment or contemplating it. I’m so glad I had experiences of others’ online to refer to when I was kicking off this process.

And for the record, I would do it all again - WITHOUT DOUBT - to reduce the risk of precancerous cells developing further and to identify any BCCs or SCCs already lurking beneath the surface.

PS Have you booked you skin check yet?

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Day 29 (Day 1 Recovery) - Shiny & Bright!

29 July 2017

It was so great this morning to realise that the only thing I'd be putting on my skin today would be paw paw ointment. At least, that was until I realised (duh …) that anything I have to put on my face right now is going to give more of an ‘ouch, that’s sore’ rather than ‘ahhh, that’s nice’ reaction.

Once applied, the paw paw ointment does give one’s face a ‘caked in grease’ look but it feels like my skin is now on the road to recovery. I can honestly say that I've never looked so shiny and bright!

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Day 30 (Day 2 Recovery) - Hiding in the car at hockey

30 July 2017

A very early start for the boys’ hockey today - both needed to be at their respective ground by 7.30am - one a home game at Golden Grove and the other all the way down at Seacliff. To reduce the time I had to be out in the elements and driving, I got the closer, home game. Score!

I’ve noticed some improvement on my forehead with less spots and less discomfort when washing my face and applying the paw paw to that area. Also, I think generally, the inflamed areas are looking less ‘angry’ today. Still sore, especially when I need to top-up the paw paw ointment, but less sore than a few days ago, I think.

Any comments or questions?

1 Comment

  • Monica Sauer

    Reply Reply September 8, 2018

    Thanks for your road and travel on efidix
    Wish I had found your site before using cream
    Had symptoms headaches ,itching of whole body plus scalp ,burning of treated sore at time very unbearable,
    some tummy ache and very tight face skin ,laughing difficult ,eyes dry and best closed.
    Did not get much info from Drs looked up on internet (dr google) told to read instruction included with cream
    Could apply Soberlene cream and light make up if going out and if needed.
    Found out it does not help
    Luke warm water splashes on face and dry lightly with paper towel does bring relieve for a while best though is
    be brave and suffer in silence difficult if you can BUT YOU JUST HAVE TO BE BRAVE AND PREVAIL FOR YOUR SELF.
    Dr said take a Phenergan tab for itching which does help a bit
    Suggested apply cream at night found out better day time you then don’t rub cream on pillow .
    I’m on my 3de week and taking one strides at a time and waiting for the end of treatment.
    I was told had 5/6 weeks of treatment
    Do you have any advice or comments
    Thanks a million for your blog and have learnt a lot
    Monica Sauer

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