Live Q & A Calls

  • Your Live Q&A Calls

We're delivering (and recording) a series of Live Q&A calls open to all My 15 Minutes program members to enjoy, and we encourage you all to Ask us Anything!

During these live sessions, we'll answer questions asked by our members on anything to do with the program, about specific daily activities and more boradly, any issues standing between them and the outcomes they're aiming for. If even you can't be live on the calls to ask questions, we think you'll find some useful tips to help you too by listening to the calls later (you have lifetime access to all of these resources, so there's no problem if you don't listen straight away).

You can listen to the recordings right here on this page or download them to your computer, smart phone or MP3 device, to listen to on the go.


"To acquire knowledge one must study. To acquire wisdom one must observe"

Marilyn Vos Savant

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Listen to live call 1 recording

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Listen to live call 2 recording

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Listen to live call 3 recording

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