Get big things done, one simple action at a time — and ditch the procrastination and overwhelm.

We’re offering UNLIMITED 15-minute coaching sessions with us, for 365 days. Book as many sessions as you need to achieve all the goals you set.


Since the beginning of last year, we’ve been offering regular accountability calls for clients in our premium coaching program, The Reinvention Project, and it’s reminded us how vital regular accountability is to achieving our goals. Just knowing someone will follow up with you is all the incentive most of us need to drop the excuses and do what we promise ourselves.

Traditional coaching models assist you to come up with your own answers. This time it’s more collaborative and practical than that. You’re not interested in how your past has held you back (that’s for another type of session). You just want a game plan and someone to help you achieve it. We’re here to help you set your big goals, work out the forward process, commit to achievable actions one at a time and follow through until you’re successful.

As we've had lots of people get in touch with questions about the program since we closed the offer ... we've extended it!

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How is Fast Forward coaching different?

  • Each call is only 15 minutes long and is held online or by telephone. After we’ve become comfortable with each other in our initial session or two, we won’t bother with ‘preamble’, small-talk and settling into the calls — we know you’re busy and want to get stuck into it. We do too — we’re keen to see you flourish!
  • Calls are very ‘outcome focused’. Results are quickly cumulative and progress is achieved rapidly.
  • The focus is on the achievement of one step of one specific goal at a time, so it’s like having blinkers for the overwhelm.
  • You’ll receive clear, achievable ‘homework’ each session. Once you’ve done that, book your next coaching call online as soon as you’d like. If that means you’re choosing to have a call and do your homework every weekday for a year, and want to devour your to-do list, go ahead! Your success is our success, and this is all about getting things done without mucking around. Our only rule is that you must complete your prescribed homework before booking the next session.

What happens when I join?

  • After you join, you’ll receive some pre-work in the form of a detailed questionnaire to get you thinking about how you’d like to use the coaching program and what you’d love to achieve.
  • We’ll send you a link to schedule your initial 30-minute coaching call. The following calls are each 15 minutes long, to make it easy to schedule these during your working day.
  • During the initial session, we’ll get to know each other, confirm your first goal and identify the larger milestones that will get you there. We’ll agree on your first achievable ‘homework’ commitment.
  • Shortly after the call, you’ll be sent a link to the recording, confirmation of the action step you’ve agreed to, and a link to schedule your next call.
  • If you get stuck, we’ll be just an email away for extra support.
  • You have one full year to get on the phone for as many sessions as it takes to reach your goals.

What kinds of goals can I set?

The magic of this approach is that the scope and content of your goals is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to write a book or start a business or declutter and renovate your house or improve your wellbeing. Perhaps it’s about increasing your energy or conquering a fear or stretching yourself. It could be about wrangling your workload. However you’d like to use our services, we’ll help you gain clarity and momentum and conspire in your success the whole way through.

Who is this for?

Fast Forward Coaching is for you if you’re ready to ditch all the reasons you haven’t hit your goals yet and you want to get out of your own way. It’s the perfect solution if you’re high on ‘dreams’ and low on time and focus. It’s for people who have a selection of goals ‘on the list’ but never seem to get around to making real, regular progress. It will help if the ‘big stuff’ always comes last, and feels overwhelming. It’s for people who don’t know where to start, or find they don’t follow through, or who just want someone to ‘tell them what to do’ so they can go and implement.

Who is this not for?

If you’re keen to delve deeply into the complex reasons why you’re stuck, we’d recommend a more traditional model of coaching, or assistance from a psychologist or counsellor. Fast-forward coaching is a ‘light-touch’ motivation program. It’s all about taking rapid, practical action and making consistent steps forward with specific goals.


We can only accept a limited number of clients to ensure you will have the luxury of booking as many session times as you need to monitor progress and set goals. Provided you implement the steps we agree on, you will have available to you as many Fast Forward coaching sessions as you need to reach your goals. That’s exceptional value for your investment.

As we're already working with clients in our Fast Forward Coaching Program (and getting great results!) we are opening the doors for just a few more people who are ready to take action and power through their to do lists into 2020.

We are excited to invite you to join us in the program at a special investment of $1,897 (incl. GST), which is a $1,600 saving for you!

You can choose to pay in full or opt for one of our 'no extra cost' instalment plans over either 3 or 6 payments.

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We love our Fast Forward Coaching clients! Here are just a couple of the amazing women we work with in the program, sharing the reasons why they have joined us for a second year!



There are limited places available in this one-to-one coaching program, so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss if this is the right coaching solution for you.

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  • Amanda Kendle
    I struggle with accountability! I'm great at making lists but not always great at doing what's on the lists. It was costing me a lot - money, for a start, as I would get less client work done or fewer sponsors for my podcast, etc. Also, there was the mental/emotional cost of not achieving what I wanted to. I knew that the accountability of the coaching calls would be a big help, and it has been - I often get something done the night before a call with Audrey, and otherwise I know it would take me a lot longer! But I've also been so happy to have Audrey's ever-present nuggets of wisdom that help me reframe things, use different language, break down why some things aren't getting done, etc - so many little light bulb moments that add up to a big difference. I feel incredibly positive about the Fast Forward program, and wish I'd done it sooner. It has made a big difference to my productivity, happiness and profit! For someone like me who's got a lot going on, but doesn't always set priorities well, and needs a friendly check in to make sure I don't drop the ball - do it!!!


    Amanda Kendle Social Media and Blogging Consultant, Amanda Kendle Consulting, Perth, Australia
  • Nat Coutts
    Before the Fast Forward Program, I struggled making the time for professional development in skills that are underutilised in my current job, but important for future opportunities. It was costing me anxiety. I kept thinking "I know what I need to do, but I'm never going land my dream job if I keep doing what I'm doing". It's been great to have someone help me breakdown something overwhelming like a career change, into small, achievable steps. Having to be accountable to someone not vested in the outcome has also been great! Doing the Fast Forward program, I feel so accomplished! It's the highlight of my week! Emma & Audrey will help you dream big and then knuckle down to take the small steps to get you there!


    Connect with Nat on LinkedIn
    Nat Coutts Customer Experience Insights Manager, Oracle Aconex, Victoria, Australia
  • Danyelle Robson
    With the Fast Forward Coaching program, I feel like I continuously achieve things, putting in preventative measures to keep my stress levels low and working towards those bigger goals. I am incredibly proud to say that I've lost 10 kilos. I've moved house into a place that I absolutely love. I've been promoted at work and continue to be the leader that I strive to be. I've ensured that I'm on top of all my really important medical appointments. Most of all, I've prioritised doing the things I love with the people I love. I've absolutely loved the program. I've just signed up to do it again next year. I’m really, really excited about what I can achieve in the next 12 months. Thank you!
    Danyelle Robson Head Of Finance, Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation


If you have any questions at all about our Fast Forward Coaching Program (or anything else), please drop us a line at We'll get back to you within 24 hours during Australian business hours of 9am-5pm ACT, Monday to Friday.