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What can YOU do in 15 minutes?

But what about?...

  • q-iconI don't have time!

    Oh, we hear you! We created the My 15 Minutes program specifically for busy people, who crave an opportunity to get their ‘acts together’ but can’t set aside swathes of time to do it. Each activity across the 7 topic areas (well-being, relationships, career, finances, personal growth, physical environment, fun & recreation) is carefully designed as a ‘shot’ of action that, combined with the others over 90 days will propel you further forward than you imagined.

    With just 15 minutes a day, over 90 days, you can transform your life.

    Here’s how one of our participants described it:

    “I am finding with this program that I can fit more into 15 minute blocks than I fit into an hour! Yesterday I gave myself a 15 minute blitz to see how much work I could get done…most efficient 15 minutes of the day! I know you can’t work like this all day long but a few 15 minute bursts throughout the day may just be the winning formula for me.”

  • q-iconHow can we achieve that in only 15 minutes per day?

    One of the modern ‘myths’ is that multi-tasking is the key to our success. It isn’t. An hour spent flicking between the several tasks that you’re juggling is less productive than 15 minutes spent focused fully on one task. This program is so much more than the daily tasks themselves, though. It’s about overcoming the habits that we use as stumbling blocks to progress in our lives. One of the participants described it like this:

    “By far the best part of the program for me is that for 90 days I am provided with the direction and guidance to improve my life 15 minutes at a time, and I am hopeful that through completing the tasks I am developing habits and skills that will enable me to make sustainable changes.”

  • q-iconDo I need to be at my computer, at home or in the office to do this?

    The daily actions are emailed to you early each morning, and are also provided in a private online portal, which is included in the program. You can read what you’re tasked to do and carry out the task at any stage during the day when the opportunity arises. Many of the tasks do not require you to be at your desk.

  • q-iconHow does an online program work?

    You’re given a private login to an online portal where the content is stored (including the daily tasks, videos, audios, webinars and bonus templates). Each task is emailed daily and we have a fabulous online community in a private Facebook group, which participants are loving:

    “One of the best things is the hugely supportive community of people doing it. Everyone helps each other and everyone is really friendly.”

  • q-iconWhat is a referral (or affiliate) partner?

    We wanted to provide an opportunity to thank you for letting your friends know about the My 15 Minutes program. When you register as a referral/affiliate partner, you’ll be given a unique link to the program. When people register for My 15 Minutes using your link, you’ll receive 30% per registration, in a monthly ‘payment’ from us. More information is available here.

  • q-iconDo you offer any additional support if I need it?

    We’re able to answer technical queries and questions about the content, and endeavour to respond within 24 hours. You can contact us at  We’re also active members of the Facebook group. If you require assistance with issues that are beyond the scope of this program, we’re able to help you or refer you to others.

  • q-iconWhy is it so cheap? ( can't be any good for that price, can it?)

    People doing the program have wondered the same thing, as it’s so packed with content and bonus resources. We wanted to make My 15 Minutes within the reach of most people, as we believe it’s a radical approach to ‘having it all’.

    “Audrey and Emma really understand that feeling of overwhelm and being swamped by the little things, and sometimes the big things, and that ever present feeling that you’ll never catch up no matter how hard you try.”

  • q-iconHow much does My 15 Minutes cost?

    The investment in the 90 day program is only $147 AUD (including GST for Australian residents).

  • q-iconHow can I pay for the program?

    You can pay online using VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. You can also contact us at to arrange payment by EFTPOS or direct bank transfer.

  • q-iconIs this program open to anyone, anywhere in the world?

    Absolutely! We already have participants from all over the world – you are very welcome to join in, no matter where you are.

  • q-iconCan I join at any time?

    You can register at any time, and you can start accessing the program on the first Monday after you have registered. As the program is designed to align with days of the week (i.e. Day 1 is a Monday), we find it is much easier for our members when they start the program on a Monday. You won’t have to wait long though…on the day you join the program, you will be sent  a pre-program pack to get you started with some introductory activities.

  • q-iconHow do I connect with you and everyone else on the program?

    You can contact us at any time at or a great place to join in the fun and conversation in our private Facebook group – especially for My 15 Minutes members. This is a wonderfully warm and generous community of people who are there to share ideas, triumphs, challenges and fun. We’d love you to join us!