A self-care challenge!

Two weeks ago on our Facebook Page, Audrey shared that she was heading in for facial surgery to remove a skin cancer that had grown quite menacing. She recorded a little video the night before, explaining what was going on and challenging each of us to take some action.

Audrey’s back today with the results of the surgery and some insights on her emotions and what to do from here… Take a look.

As so often happens in life, our fear of the unknown can be worse than the reality. It takes only a few moments to make the phone call and book a check. It could save your life.

Take care. REALLY. Take care.

Audrey & Emma

About The Author

Audrey Thomas | Co-founder, My 15 Minutes

Audrey Thomas is an award-winning author, coach and trainer, helping busy women align the way they use their time with the things they value most. She lives with her husband and two young boys.

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