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Are you sinking a little into your own chaos?

Swamped with the small stuff - always playing catch-up? Faking it, and hoping you won’t be found out...

Perhaps you had big plans: this was going to be Your Year. You’d be fitter and happier, less in debt, more in credit. You’d be loving your work. You’d create Home Beautiful, and be the calm one, the patient one... the fun one.

The ducks wouldn't merely line up - they’d fly. By the end of the year - so much would have changed...

You’d be carving up your life, like an expert skater carves the ice... not skimming over the surface of it, waving your arms madly, wobbling quite a lot.

And now the end of the year is upon us. You don’t want people to know this, but the truth is, you’re feeling a bit defeated.

What went wrong?

Who knows, but does it matter?

2015 can be different and, the BEST news is, it doesn’t require a mammoth effort. It doesn’t require super-human dedication, or freaky organisational skills.

There’s a way to get your act together that makes only the smallest daily dent in ‘life as you know it.'

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The My 15 Minutes program has re-awoken my passion for life. I didn't even realise that I had lost it amid the daily grind, but now I have so much more enthusiasm and energy. Beth Cavallari, Double Negative Photography

This program is amazing at reminding you how much is possible and it only takes 15 minutes at a time. It re-energised and re-ignited me as an individual set me on a new path of self discovery and self worth which benefits every aspect of my life. JL, My 15 Minutes member

Thanks so much!!! Some simple things that we forget, and the reminder that we need. And fantastic ideas we'd never think of. Loved the program! LK, My 15 Minutes member

Just wanted to thank Emma and Audrey for an exceptionally run program. Particularly your obvious commitment and dedication shown in your responses - both in speed and thoughtfulness. Your video today addressed a specific issue you had observed as opposed to a generic topic. Well done and thanks again. X" SP, My 15 Minutes member

I knew I would like this program from the moment I read the description! The biggest thing I have taken away is that now if a task seems insurmountable, I think "I'll just spend 15 minutes on it." It's a mindset that can help everyone. Anne George, word and web by george

Brilliantly constructed program. A lot of thought and considered ideas presented in daily emails. Very impressed with constant Facebook interaction. Priority seemed to be value for client. Daily tasks were concise and very doable in 15 minute context. SB, My 15 Minutes member